Registration for Homebrewers Clash 2021 Christmas Edition starts on 1st of August 2021

What to brew

What are we looking for?

Two different challenges. Two different beers. Unlimited number of possibilities what to brew.
At the end we are looking for creativity.

It is a hot summer day. You have just arrived to Donauinsel, where all your friends are already waiting for you. While you are greeting everybody, a friend passes you a beer. It is just the perfect thing to kill your thirst. As you open the bottle, a wave of great aroma hits your nose, and every sip is divine pleasure of refreshment for your taste buds. As you are grabbing for the second bottle, you are thinking to yourself, “This is going to be an awesome day!”

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It is already December, time flies fast when you have fun. During this festive time of year, towns glimmer with cheery decor, vendors sell seasonal treats, Christmas markets are full with happy people sipping on Glühwein and you just had a great dinner surrounded by your friends and loved ones. To celebrate this great occasion, you open a bottle of the best Christmas beer that was ever brewed.

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“Beer brewing, like art, is a creative process from the beginning to the end, The blending of the different beer ingredients is comparable to the process of painting, where the brew pot becomes the paint palette. A brewer can be very imaginative and adventurous with the ingredients, just as the painter can be with his canvas.”

- Emeka Ogboh

Homebrewer's Clash 2021


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